An online clinical codes repository to improve validity and reproducibility of medical database research

8 November 2013

Welcome to the new repository!

The site is primarily designed to facilitate valid electronic medical record (EMR) database study research by putting code lists up for scrutiny, reducing redundancy in building new codelists and allowing easy access to historical code lists. For more details, see the homepage and our presentations.

The site is fully operational and you can upload and download clinical codes from past or in press articles. Please see out FAQ section for further details. We are also in the process of adding all of the codes from the QOF Business Rules.

This repository can only be useful if it is actually used by researchers, so please, if you use the site for your own research, cite it as a source. We hope that, before long, uploading codes will become a natural part of the process of writing and publishing EMR research. The resource is not intended to remain static either so please comment on codelists if you feel something needs more clarification or if you can provide more information to improve reproducibility of future work.

We are still in the beta stage of development so we would really appreciate any feedback on the site itself, suggestions for improvements to functionality or ideas for new features.

Planned new features:

  • Search by condition/clinical entity
  • a RESTFUL API to allow users to interact with the database programatically
  • Clinical codes available in machine-readable format (JSON, XML, rdf ...)
  • Analytics for code use for different conditions over time and between studies

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