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QOF Business Rules:

QOF Business Rules v5


Pete Horsfield(2004) QOF Business Rules v5. NA, doi: NA

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This is the latest version of the Business Rulesets (September 2004), which have been updated to take account of the July Read Code Release. Please note that this release introduces the use of SNOMED Clinical Terms. As it would not have been possible to fully include Read Codes Version 0, Read Codes Version 2, CTV3 and SNOMED-CT in a single document, the rulesets have been split into two sets. The first set contains only Read Codes Version 0. The second set includes Read Codes Version 2, CTV3 and SNOMED-CT. These documents will be further revised in line with the Read Code/SNOMED-CT release schedule. Link to original pdfs: 0103201524/ PrimaryCareContracting/PrimaryCareContractingArticle/fs/en?CONTENT_ID=4078648&chk=/FWc3u
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